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This is about your own potential, what’s possible and what you can do right now.  This is about a whole other part of our brains about which we have never been taught.  Here's an example:






Yes, we can!  There is part of our brains called the subconscious we have to learn about so we can harness its power.  After my journeys in the superconscious I earned my degree as hypnotherapist to study the subconscious.  From those I treated I learned how effective hypnosis is.  Steve Jobs who founded Apple and many other great geniuses knew how to get into a trance state of mind and said it's where they got their inspirations from.  You can too.  The subconscious mind is an awesome power and accessing it can make our lives a whole lot better. But I did not do a career at this so wanted you to know Dr. Ran is our guru on hypnotherapy!  

             Center Point Medicine: Pediatric Hypnosis and Counseling: La Jolla, CA & Syracuse, NY

But before we get into hypnosis, let's take a look at our brains.  With all of our thoughts, there's a whole lot of traffic in there!

Sometimes our thoughts don't get along, and that's really bad! 

We need to think of our bodies like cars and our brains are the steering wheel that points us to where our lives are headed.  It's our own job - the biggest job we have if we want good lives.  No excuses.  We have to take control.   

YODA SAID:               "Do or not do; there is no try."

BUDDHA SAID:          "What we think, we become."


Steve Jobs who founded Apple, Edgar Cayce who could see into the future, Albert Einstein who came up with e=mc2, Tesla and electricity, the great philosopher Socrates, and the composer Bach are just some of the geniuses who showed us what can happen. 




They showed that genius is not so much what we have in our physical brains but what we are smart enough to allow ourselves to open up for. 

Bach showed he knew all about it when he told his wife from his deathbed.   


Einstein did not discover e=mc2, he just downloaded it from a library where everything already exists.  Like him and the others, we can learn how to get our own downloads.  And most important, we can reach into spirit and get love and support for our lives.  So let's not be half of what we are.  Let's get everything on the same highway and steer ourselves to the best we can be.

The link below is a guide to self-hypnosis where you can learn to access the power of your own subconscious.

And now, to see how it all began, and what 'made in the image and likeness of God' really means and where it came from, click on the link below.  

Lenke BW.jpg

Professional hypnotherapist Alex Lenkei, 61, needed an operation for his arthritis.  It was an 83-minute procedure during which some bone at the base of his thumb was removed and some joints fused.  Instead of traditional anesthetics to block the pain, he used hypnosis. 

He says it took him only 30 seconds to put himself under, he was awake during the whole procedure and felt no pain.  Surgeon James Braid who is considered the father of modern hypnosis  pioneered hypnosurgery in the 1840s. 

There are 39 million single parent families in America today and 85% are headed by women.  With Dr. Ran we are about to launch our 'spare parent' program, also like a 'spare grandpa'.  This will include videos of young people helped with bullying, self esteem and other issues they face every day.  It will give single parents the online support they need so their children will have good live and become successful adults. 




“Don’t cry for me for I go where music is born.”


Can you imagine being able to control pain?  Get inspirations directly from the Akashic library?  Get into a meditative state so you can directly contact your Spirit within?  Directly reach your Spirit Friends?  This is how we fulfill what is meant by 'KNOW THYSELF!'  With this power we can get to know all of who we are!

When you open up to it, you will have the ultimate tool to evolve the physical, mental and spiritual you. 


"But wait a minute – we can actually control pain with an altered condition of our own minds?"


   Dr. Ran D. Anbar, MD, FAAP is certified in both pediatric pulmonology and general pediatrics and served as a professor in pediatrics and medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, for 21 years.

   He earned his credentials in clinical hypnosis 20 years ago from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  In 25 years of experience, he has treated over 8,000 children, trained over a thousand healthcare professionals, and lectured on hypnosis all over the world.   

   He is a published author of more than 50 articles, abstracts, and book chapters on pediatric functional disorders and pediatric hypnosis.  So when it comes to hypnosis professionals, Dr. Anbar is one of the best in the US!  


They were all consciously able to get into a meditative state, access another dimension like a cosmic library where they could get anything.  This is self hypnosis we can all learn how to do. 

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