Well after what you read here, this just might be one of those moments when you won't have to 'believe' about it anymore because the evidence shows you can transform your belief into an accepted reality about part of what we are as humans. 


At the university of Virginia over 40 years of research, psychiatrist Dr. Ian Stevenson studied more than 2500 cases of childhood past life memories of which 1567 were confirmed.  

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan speaks of it in his book The Demon-Haunted World, Science as a Candle in the Dark.  He agrees that on reading the studies by Dr. Stevenson, the information presented could only have been known through reincarnation.  (p300)      

There are many books on the subject of children remembering former lives.  Take the example of James Leininger who at two years old was having recurring nightmares and screaming:

“Plane on fire…little man can’t get out!”


With a two-year-old talking about planes and war and providing details no two-year-old could possibly know, his parents eventually gathered all the details and found out their son was reliving the past life of World War II fighter pilot James Huston.  They eventually wrote a book called Soul Survivor.


At the age of 3, a child called Lee told his parents his name was not Lee, it was Coe.  He told them how old he was when he died and the name of his daughter.  He said he worked in Hollywood and wrote the screenplay for Gone With the Wind.  This was all verified. 

You can also read in the Bible that Jesus told his disciples John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah, and it was taught by the early Christians.








                                       Joan at 19                                    Marilyn in her 60s

After decades of meditation and exploring the superconscious, I earned my credentials as a hypnotherapist to study the subconscious.  A couple of years later after we had completed the training, Marilyn asked me to help her with some nagging problems that had bothered her most of her life.  While she had no conscious knowledge of any problems, she had a deep feeling of being neglected, maybe even abandoned as a child and wanted to know where the feelings came from.  They had left an empty space inside her that she wanted me to explore.

I used a technique called age regression to get into her past memories.  After setting up the tape recorder and getting her under, I got a total shock.  She went completely out of my control and off on her own journey.  Here is part of the word for word transcript of the tape in my book:  

“"Where are you?  What is happening to you?  Talk to me, you've got to talk to me.”


“...there is a narrow stairway...”


“What stairway?”


“...going into a tower...a shaft of light coming down the stairway...I'm being pulled up into it...”


       “Are you going up?”




“What is at the top?”


       “Answer me!  What is at the top?”


       “...a room...it has bars on the door...” 


       “Describe what you are seeing.  Talk to me!  What are you seeing?”


“Pushing me in...it's dark in there...just straw...one window way at the top...one window with bars...I can't see out.  I'm all alone in there.  I'm afraid.”


Marilyn had been sobbing but now she spoke with a new strength in her voice:


“They are going to come and get me out.”


“They?  Who?  Who is going to come?”


“They will come and get me out.  I know they will come…There is no place to sleep...no light...”


“Can you lie down?”


“I do...on the straw.”


She was peaceful now, her body wasn't moving anymore and her breathing had become regular. 


“What now?  What's happening now?”


Softly, full of love, the trusting simplicity of a child: 


“There is a beautiful lady with me.”


“A lady?  Who?  What is she saying?”


“She is reaching out to me and telling me not to be afraid...that God loves me..."


“Who is it?”


Breathing softly, the body was still, in the midst of her vision she had fallen asleep.  But after a few moments her body began to writhe, she made sounds as if she were very afraid.


“What now?”


“They are coming up the stairs...it is all dark...all dark...they are pulling me out of the room...I am falling as I walk...they are pushing me - I can't stand to be pushed. They are pushing me and laughing…they are big and I am so small...they laugh...”


“What now?”


“Taking me into a room...there is a man in there with a long white beard. I think he is a priest. He has a crucifix, a large silver crucifix...wearing black clothes...he doesn't smile.”


“What does he say?”


“He asks my name.”                                         


“What do you tell him?”


“I tell him my name is Joan.”


Oh no, I thought - Joan?  There was an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Is that what we were going through?  I tried to regain my composure but knew there was nothing I could do but go along for the ride.  


“What does he say when you say your name is Joan?”


“He tells me I am evil.  He says the devil is within me.  They want me to deny that I hear my God...that I see my beautiful Lady of Light...”   


“Is she standing there with you?  Is that how you see her?”


“She is always with me.  She stands above me.  She is so beautiful.”


“Can you describe her?”


“Her hair is like gold and she wears a crown, a crown of light...more radiant than the sun.  And her arms are outstretched and enfold me...and the light from her being is brighter than the sun.  I cannot look upon it, it is so bright. And she wears a beautiful jewel around her neck, a pearl...and he wants me to say I do not see her...that I do not feel her love and hear my Father.  And I will not.  I will not say that even though they strike me.”



As the paranormal events Marilyn and I shared in this life reveal, she carried over many of the beautiful Spirit contacts she expressed in her life as Joan.  

After you read the Joan chapter in the book and from what you have learned here, you'll see you don't have to believe or not believe in reincarnation anymore.  You will know it is a fact.  The law of Karma is absolute.  This is the law that promises 'everything that goes around comes around'.  There's only one place that can happen - with the same people where the debts are owed.  Where else but here as humans again?  We can't just die and everything goes away.  Our lives are equations with energy coming in and energy going out and they have to balance.  All equations have to balance in our universe.     

From many years of meditation I had paranormal experiences and developed a psychic sense.  From this I had the intuitive perception that the small grocer of Italian descent who owned a fruit stand near where we lived had been Joan's executioner.  After not going to his fruit stand for a while, we went one morning and seeing he was not there, asked his wife where he was.  Tearfully she told us he had died. 


He had gone for provisions and rolled his truck on a corner in a single vehicle accident.  This was on the day when after filling up he forgot to put the gas cap back on.  The truck caught fire.  After they got him to hospital, it took him four days to die.  Karma has no mercy.  As well as to bring us blessings, it helps fulfill what we sentence ourselves to from our actions that harm others.   

You will be amazed as I was at the other events that showed Marilyn for sure was the reincarnation of Joan of Arc.  I included the transcript of Joan's trial and aftermath in the appendix of the book. 


There's a link below to Henry Beaufort.  We carry the inventory of prior lives as resources from one to the next.  So in a sense the information provided gives you what might be included in my 'about me' page. 


I organized a radio interview with Maharishi during the time of the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour album, and asked him about prior lives.  He told me we should just stay focused on the present one.  Obviously, with the Joan - Marilyn experience pushing itself into this life, that doesn't work for me.  We have to look at them as resources and try to figure out why they came together and then use them as best we can.      

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We went through all of it including her being burned at the stake from inside her as it happened.  In that life I was cardinal Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, and I was at her execution.