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     You begin as a soldier of one in your world with your own family, friends and co-workers.  And if you think one person alone is not enough, remember that one stone dropped in a pond makes many ripples, and like words of love can spread to all the shores of your life.  Others will join you.  Get them on board.  Let's begin a world wide LoveDemic that no-one can escape and for which there are no vaccinations.   

      A team has to have a coach and rules on how to play the game so they can win.  A family is the same.  So for all of us as members of the Planet Family, here are our first thoughts, what we accept in our hearts as members of the team.  These are the foundation for our lives and our mission to get us and our whole planet on the path to spirituality.  While billions of people are ready, we must remember there will always be people who are looking only for what is best for them regardless of who they hurt.  They have their own journeys.  It is up to us to avoid them and protect ourselves and everything we love from them however we have to.     


  1.      The creative consciousness that exists before the universe, around, inside and after it ends is eternity, what we call God.

  2.      God exists where there is no time which means God fills everything everywhere in all dimensions, never began, and will never end and is always the past, present and future of all things anywhere.    

  3.      God can’t create anything because creation only happens inside time where things can begin and end.  

  4.      God cannot get any bigger or smaller because God is already everything inside and outside time.   

  5.      Everything that can ever be lived in the Mind of God before the universe began and will continue in God’s Mind after it ends.

  6.      All things anywhere live always in the Heart of God, so everything is spiritual, and humans are trans-dimensional beings.

  7.      We have always lived inside and will always live in God's heart. 

  8.      God’s nature is love.  Everything comes from love. 

  9.      We are expressions of God’s love.

  10.      God is always ready to help us, inspire and lift us in our life journeys and everything we do. 

  11.       We are never alone except when we turn away.


Like our source, God, we are creators.  Through the beauties and turmoil of a physical life, we must create our way Home.  We chose to be here.  We must make sure to measure everything by love and we will earn our wings.  As a member of the Alliance, it is our goal to help others earn their wings as well.



1.    I AM A UNIQUE LIGHT IN THE HEART OF ETENITY.  I came into a physical life to discover and express love through my journeys in a physical world with physical awareness.

2.   I AM ETERNITY EXPLORING ITSELF.  I and all that lives, flowers, rivers, oceans, mountains, stars and everything in all dimensions, everything is a little piece of Eternity creating circles of love to explore itself.  

3.   I CHOOSE TO LIVE WITH LOVE.  For my life, I choose the path of love to materialize the best outcomes in all my thoughts, words, and deeds.  I will use the strength of my love to protect and support all that is good.      

4.   I GAIN KNOWLEDGE 360.  To live with love safely, I must know myself, those around me, my environment and how I relate within it.  My most powerful resource is knowledge, and my choice to use it wisely.

5    I THINK INDEPENDENTLY.  Reality and truth are subject to brain games.  I avoid herd mentality, while I listen, with my knowledge, no-one else will need to tell me what to think or how to live my life.

6.   I SPEAK WITH LOVE.  Words can be like healing music or weapons that harm.  I will let the power of love guide what I think so I what I say is always for the greater good of all.  

7.   I LET LOVE GUIDE MY ACTIONS.   I will make all decisions based on the best outcome for all who will be affected by my actions, including in the defense of my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

8.   I AM USEFUL TO THE WORLD AROUND ME.  I develop my talents and abilities so I can support myself and contribute to the well-being and strength of my family and the society and country in which I live.

9.   I LOOK AFTER MY BODY AND MY MIND.  I choose food to eat and influences for my brain that maintain them in the best possible condition.  I exercise my body and my mind.  Like a player ready for a game, I am always prepared.

10.  I AM POSITIVE.  I expect the best in all situations and, while watching carefully for pitfalls, plan carefully for positive outcomes in my own life, as well as in the lives of others on my team.

11.  I AM EVER MINDFUL.  I stay close to God in my thoughts – how beautiful you are in the sunrise, look at your beautiful clouds, thank you for that smile…I am part of the team that accepts God's words - 'those who see me everywhere and see everything in me, of them will I never lose my hold and they will never lose their hold of me.'

12.  I AM ALWAYS GRATEFUL.  I am thankful for being who I am and what I can become, for my family, the beauty of our planet, and the physical, mental and spiritual blessings available just from being human.

13.  I FEAR NOTHING.  I accept that I will never have more in life than I have the resources to handle.  I have my human team and Spirit Team and together in everything we will prevail.

14.  THERE IS NO DEATH.  I can never be separated from God.  When I die from being human, I will simply wake up in some other adventure of finding love waiting for me inside God’s eternal heart and mind.

​Thank you for being a member of the Love Alliance.  For a $25.00 donation to our 501c3 foundation, we will send these in a format you can frame.   

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