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Terminal Belief Syndrome
When 'reality' and 'religious beliefs' meet! 

Maybe you will be one of the 2.9 million Americans who leave organized religions this year.  Or maybe you are one of the 22 million who have already left?  Christians find out the Holy Bible they’ve been taught to believe is the ‘word of the Lord’ contains ideas that do not stand the test of logic and are scientifically wrong, so how could the all-knowing Lord write this?  They realize the God and beliefs they followed are the construct of people in and for a bygone era.  Today’s knowledge has washed it all away. One priest told a parishioner that prayers will be answered more quickly if she donates more money to the church.  You now suffer from TBS.  So where to from here? 

When TBS hits we can feel lost.  We need to be raised up in a new way, have something else to hold on to, a moral compass based on reality that leads with love, not threats.  So here are some thoughts to lift us back up.  We’re still going to use the word God here but please know that as Einstein and Jesus agreed, God is not some kind of creature with a grey beard and human qualities like vengeance and likes and dislikes.  God is not a person.  God is an energy.  God is creative love, the power that exists before, inside and after time and the universe began, and will continue to exist after time and the universe end.  

With regards to the religious gods constructed for people of a bygone era, I’m an atheist.  I went through my TBS from many directions.  I’ve had countless experiences outside physical reality so know personally that something is there.  I explored the superconscious from decades of meditation and the subconscious from becoming a hypnotherapist.  From these and a lifetime of research I learned about the human physical / spiritual relationship from top to bottom.  I found there is a whole lot more to who we are than what’s in this body and this human life we’re living.  So let’s get through TBS, and no beliefs or agendas here, only facts and logical conclusions.  Ready?     



God is the power of creative love that exists before, inside and after time and the universe.  God always was and is and will be, cannot get bigger or smaller, cannot create anything because creating needs a beginning and an ending which require time and God is outside time.  Everything always is and was a part of God. 

There are no opposites in God because they would both have to be infinite so would annihilate each other and there would be nothing.  But there is something.  The evidence shows love exists inside and outside time.  God never was not.  God is everything in any dimension, physical and non-physical, inside and outside time and any other classification of events that might exist.  God and everything are never beginning and never-ending eternity.    


It means that you and I and everything were sparkling atoms in the Mind of God before the physical universe or any dimension appeared, and we will continue to be a part of God after the physical universe ends in whatever manifestation of God might then appear.  All of us are always atoms in God’s eternal body.  We can’t change that.  This is how special we are.  All of us and everything, our families, pets, flowers, mountains and galaxies, a sunrise, hugs, hopes and dreams, everything we love, everything is God.  Everything is part of Eternity.  Everything is the body of God. 


When you love someone, there is love flowing from you and it is received and returned by the person you love.  You are flowing together on the same river of love.  This sharing doesn’t work if the person you are trying to love hates you.  The hate would be like rocks in the river that create cascades and turbulence.  As Einstein and Jesus agreed, God is love. 

So God is like an infinite river of love, and to flow with God, we also have to love because only love can unite with love.  So how we get to God is by ourselves becoming and expressing love in everything we do.  God is everything, all the little bits and pieces of the world and universe are God’s body.  We must relate to all of it and everything and everybody as the flowing river of God.  Our job is to love.  And if we don’t flow with love, karma points the way. 


As Einstein said, ‘God did not create evil.  Just as darkness is an absence of light, evil is an absence of God.”  And since Einstein said God is love, we can replace the word and affirm with Einstein that ‘evil is an absence of love’.  The only place where this absence can occur is in human minds when we turn away from love.  



We have the genes of our source which is creative love and so we are also creators.  We are here to find and express love.  Love is a circle, someone loves, and someone loves back.  Finding love in this physical world of opposites is not easy because it is like a computer simulation.  There is undeniable evidence to show we are living in a physical universe delusion.  Healing miracles contradict the laws of physics and show that physics is nothing more than a specific game in this specific physical environment. 


Einstein said there is no such thing as reality.  The Hindus say the physical world is all Maya, a delusion.  We are in a dimension where we can experience love and hate, and it is from working our way through the balance of opposites that we create our little life-circles of love and prepare our own journeys to get back to reality.  We need to get comfort from knowing that our life-journeys existed in the Mind of God before the universe began.  Our lives here in the world are a rerun.  It is all done.  So while we are physical, let’s relax and enjoy the ride.       


We continue to think of ourselves as separate from God/ love because we are here in separate bodies in our separated lives.  We forget that in our lives we are in fact practicing being God, being love.  And since we are all atoms in the body of God, this means that it is God is creating and assembling the little circles of love and practicing love in our lives.  All creation is God finding himself through all opportunities to find and practice love in any format of consciousness  that exists anywhere.

Let’s get rid of the feeling of separation and recognize the oneness we have with all Eternity.  It is our creative minds and our ability to choose that get in the way.  We must learn to let things flow from knowing we are part of eternity that is on an eternal ride of finding and sharing love.   


When we go to school, we are graded by how well we learn.  That’s what life is about, and our grades come from how much love we experience.  Karma is the principal, and we get diploma rewards of pleasure or pain depending on how well we do.  This school-planet we live on is a treasure, a feast for all of who we are.  The joys we can get from its beauty, the love we feel from our families and friends, music, love, tastes and sounds, there is so much.  There are infinite opportunities to find and share love, to express and share with God the little part of God's Body that we are. 

Let us join the whole family from realizing that God is just re-discovering himself in this physical delusion dimension through the little piece of him that we are.  Let’s live this – ‘those who see me everywhere and see everything in me, of them I will never lose my hold and they will never lose their hold of me.’  And then yes, we are here to enjoy the ride.


When we go on a journey, we have to know where we are starting from and where we are going to.  And to help plan the trip, it is good to have a travel agent who has been to the destination and knows how to get there, sights to see along the way and the kinds of clothes we should take to wear.  In our case we all know where we’re coming from – the planet of TBS.  And we all know where we want to be – in the world of what is real.  We have to be ready for the warm, clear weather at our destination and need to take off all our belief clothes so we will be comfortable when we get there.  This is the perfect time to quote Albert Einstein: 


"Two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure

 about the universe."


But there’s more, and no question here about whether it is infinite or not – human capacity to warp reality to fulfill their lust for wealth and power.  There’s one other thing that is infinite – human imagination and its capacity to create great beauties or great atrocities.  We are the only species that can love the force of its own destruction – humans can love to hate.



A rainbow is made from beautiful strong individual colors.  Humanity is a rainbow and it is only as beautiful as the individuals that together are the rainbow.   All individuals have to be their own beautiful colors.  And what makes a beautiful human color?  Love.  It is all about living our lives with love.  Jesus had the right idea – love God with everything you are, and love your neighbor and yourself.  It’s so simple.  Karma only comes back to bite us when we don’t.  How can it be more simple?  Jesus also said ‘the kingdom of heaven is within.’  Our ability to translate into something beautiful, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, no human ever take that away.  You can never be ex-communicated from God.  

So you are it.  You are the ride.  You are responsible.  You must shine.  Your reality is your religion, and your congregations are the people and events that make up your life.  If you will allow me, I will be your travel agent out of planet TBS, and the first thing I want you to do is to relax.  Take a deep breath.  You are going to be fine.  You are going where there are no beliefs to a place that cannot be hijacked for somebody’s personal agendas.  You know you cannot pass off the responsibility of your life to someone else.  Its quality is up to you.  Karma cannot be dismissed.  You will pay for your own sins and no-one is going to wash them away for you.  We are not so special that the universal laws of cause and effect is going to be annulled because of something convenient we might want to believe.   So shine!  There is no other color like you in Eternity!  You are beautiful!  Let your light shine to your family and all the world around you.  Give and find love in all things everywhere, that is the ride.  You are the ride! 














Let’s say you’re the creative genius inside Eternity…  before there is anything, no universe, no planets, nothing.  You get the idea you want to make a Monarch butterfly. 










OK, you’re the same creative genius and now decide to make humans.  Same thing here -- you need a planet where they can be born, food for them to eat, a place to grow

us that just as there is a spec of your consciousness riding in the Butterfly, there is a spec of your Spirit riding inside a human body.  You made human lives so entertaining they forgot they are not the physical body but the spirit riding inside.  Einstein said it best –


Just as there is one whole single reality that describes a monarch butterfly, there is a single reality that describes humans – what we are, where we come from, the reason for being human, the purpose of our lives and our eventual destiny.  If we could inhale everything into its essence, we would arrive at the focus of eternal creative love.  Here, we accept that eternity, love, and God are all the same energy.  As humans, this is what we can know about what being human means.     


   1)     God is always 100% God. 

   2)    God cannot begin or end.   

   3)    God cannot create, creating requires time.     

   4)    God is everything before time began.     

   5)    God is all realities and they never did not exist.     

   6)    God’s only power is creative love.

   7)    My soul is a permanent atom of God’s body.     

   8)    My soul was part of God before time began 

   9)    My soul is perfect in the heart of God.

  10)  My nature is love and I am human to find love.     

  11)   Inside God I have nothing to find.     

  12)   In the heart of God, I am eternal love.



  1.   I am a spec of God exploring the world.

  2.   God created a unique pathway for me.

  3.   I am here to find and share love.  

  4.   I am in a world of opposites.

  5.   I am free to choose love or hate.

  6.   I live where karma is my guide.

  7.   My greatest power is knowledge.

  8.   I learn from all who live with love.  

  9.   I am a strong member of my team.

  10.   I defend myself and my team.

  11.   I look after my body and my mind.     

  12.   I fear nothing on either side of death.

1)   REALITY AND TRUTH ARE SUBJECT TO BRAIN GAMES.  I avoid herd mentality with my knowledge so no-one else tells me what to think or how to live my life.

2)   I SPEAK WITH LOVE.  Words can be like healing music or weapons that harm.  I will let the power of love guide what I think so I what I say is always for the greater good of all. 

3.   I LET LOVE GUIDE MY ACTIONS.  I will make all decisions based on the best outcome for all who will be affected by my actions, including in the defense of my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

4.   I DEVELOP TO EXPRESS MYSELF.  I develop my talents and abilities so I can support myself and contribute to the well-being and strength of my family, my team, and the society and country in which I live.

5.   I MAINTAIN MY PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH.  I choose food to eat and influences for my brain that maintain them in the best possible condition.  I exercise my body and my mind.  Like a player ready for the big game, I am always prepared.

6.   I AM POSITIVE.   I expect the best in all situations and plan carefully for positive outcomes in my own life, as well as in the lives of others on my team.

7.  I AM EVER MINDFUL.  I stay close to God in my thoughts – how beautiful you are in the sunrise, look at your beautiful clouds, thank that smile…I am part of the team that accepts God's words - 'those who see me everywhere and see everything in me, of them will I never lose my hold and they will never lose their hold of me.'

8.  I AM EVER GRATEFUL.  I am thankful for being who I am and what I can become, for my family, the beauty of our planet, and the physical, mental and spiritual blessings available just from being human.

9.  I AM PART OF A TEAM.  I accept that I will never have more in life than I have the resources to handle.  I have my human team and Spirit Team and together in everything we will prevail.

10.  I AM ALWAYS IN GOD’S HEART.  I can never be separated from God.  When I die from being human, I will simply wake up in some other adventure of finding love that waits for me somewhere else inside God’s eternal heart and mind.





how to get to Mexico for the Winter, and from the Eastern US that’s about a 2000-mile trip.  You also have to create a type of consciousness that willlove to be a monarch butterfly, to have two different bodies in one life, a tiny little brain, a small body, beautiful wings and love to fly.  Why?  And what for?  And why did it take so long?  The first butterfly fossils are 40 million years old.

Then you realize what this means - you need a planet where it can be born, food for it to eat, a place to grow and live, first as a caterpillar crawling on plants, then it needs to know how to make a cocoon to hide in, change into a new body with multi-colored wings, break out, learn how to fly, then fly around, eat and reproduce more monarch butterflies.  It has to know

and live and reproduce a lot, because when it comes to things in the physical world, you never get it right the first time.  You begin with some hairy bipeds and no brains.  So like the butterfly, you take millions of years and a lot of different models before they have brains big enough to go from mud huts to sky scrapers.  And you made their lives so exciting they forgot about you.  You had to send beautiful people like Jesus, Einstein, Buddha and so many others to remind them what they really are.  They had to remind

"We are slowed down sound and light waves…souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” 

God is in my heart, in my mind and my life.  As Jesus said - in the kingdom of heaven within.   When I die from being human, I will simply wake up in some other adventure of finding love waiting for me inside some other space in God’s eternal heart and mind.

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