You remember the scene where Jack watches through a peephole to see the

extraterrestrial Kitty get undressed?  After taking off her human clothes, she peels off the human body layer and reveals her real self under the disguise - a body of shining light.  When Eben, Anita and Mary died, that was like peeling off the outer human disguise.  Only then were they in the right format to experience the dimension of spirit.     

So the question is how did we get stuck here on this physical world?  In these human disguises?  Think of us like ETs from the Spirit dimension that put on human body spacesuits to take a vacation on planet earth.  Now we're here and our problem is this – it would be like Kitty getting so attached to being inside her disguise and being human that she forgets how to take it off.  She forgets her real nature.  This is what we've done – we're so caught up in being human we forgot our real selves and where we come me from.  We're trapped in the physical human disguise.    

And just so you know, no beliefs are required for where we're going here.  This is all about hearts, not minds.  Love opens, the mind divides.  And as we learned from Eben, Anita nd Mary, Love is a trans-dimensional language, no borders, spoken here and  there.  Spirit doesn’t care what's in our minds.  It doesn't care if we're male, female or what color we are.  It is only interested in the content of our hearts.  

Here's the technique and these images show it beautifully.  Saints and holy teachers throughout history are shown with halos and light around them.  Saint Bernadette of Lourdes had eighteen visions of what she called a little lady of light that resulted in remarkable consequences.  So what we want to do is to bring this same light down into ourselves - ad we don't have to be in a pool to make it happen.         

The spirit self is a body made of light and there is a restriction to reaching it - it can't come into jumbles of thoughts and emotions.  Our minds have to be like the surface of a lake that is calm so it can reflect the trees on the shore.  We have to get into a peaceful special kind of trance, the kind we reach for in meditation.  

Make a quiet corner for tuning in with no noises or distractions.  Relax and breathe in slowly counting up to 8 or 10.  Imagine a globe of light above you and that you are breathing it's light down into your body.  Then breathe out slowly while imagining that all your stress and tensions are flowing away. 

Invite some Spirit Guests to help, the ones you feel close to.  Remember they're all family and prayer is the language they listen for and reply to.  As an example, think of Archangel Michael as brother Michael.  Be loving and receptive to his energy, and make sure you don't put up a wall because some over zealous reverence.  He's just doing his job as a Saint the same way you're doing yours as a human.  He wants to help and is just waiting for you to ask. in my book, I relate a direct person experience with Michael.

Once you get peaceful, affirm quietly -

"Let me feel your love... fill my life with your love...transform my heart and

my mind so your love can flow through me to uplift all that I love."  

​Accept the real you – the body of Spirit light hiding in a physical body.  Accept your inheritance.  This is you.  Let your love flow.  Let your light shine so when you are done with this world, you ride to the next chapter of your being on the wings of your love.  Welcome the next adventure like Steve Jobs whose last words as he died were “Oh wow…oh wow…of wow….” 


You may be devoted to a person, a dream you are reaching for, a goal you want to fulfill, - it is all the same energy - being devoted to what is important to you.    Here the devotion happens to be for Jesus.  Let it be for you a shining example of the human capacity for devotion, for a yearning to rise above simply being human, of reaching to a known but as yet unachieved condition of being. 

This is beautiful Kenny Rogers singing PEACE.  Let it lift your heart in your special way, feed your own special devotion.  Let the music fill your spirit.  We humans have countless ways in which to experience love in the people and the world around us.  Regardless of what you may or may not believe, accept this as an expression of what, at our best, we humans are.  To hear it, click on the photo.  

Our relationship with Eternity is like water and being wet, they can never be separate. And how can we ever be separate if we look for the face of Eternity in all things?  It is everything we love, our families, brother sun and sister moon, our pets, whales, eagles, sunsets and sunrises, trees and mountains, lakes and rivers, oceans, tastes, colors, beauty, music - everything is a little piece of Eternity just as we are.  We can never be away from eternity.  

​”If you see me everywhere and see all things in me, you are

an open doorway for my love to flow so I can guide you to all

that I have planned for you to be.”  

PEACE 1.png



And about how well a download can work, here's what Sioux Holy Man Black Elk said about his ability to heal - 'it is not I but the Spirit from the Outer World'.  Jesus also said this isn't about him an told someone not to call him good because it was the Father within who was doing everything.  He also said - 'all these things I have done can ye do and even greater things than these'.  Let's get this Outer World working through us.  We're all part of the same team, the same family.  It's our turn now. 


Whatever religion you follow or whether you are agnostic or atheist, allow yourself this moment coming up.  It's about the beauty of human devotion.